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#7 Ways To Make Money Fast Legally in Canada

Making money fast legally in Canada may seem challenging, but there are actually many options available if you know where to look.

With the rise of the gig economy and online money-making platforms, you can realistically earn some quick cash without breaking any laws.

This guide will outline 7 legitimate ways to score fast cash in Canada.

Why Make Money Fast Legally?

Making legal money fast appeals to many Canadians for good reason:

  • Cover emergency costs: Your car breaks down and you need fast cash for repairs
  • Save up for a big purchase: Trying to buy a house or pay off debts
  • Earn disposable income: Want spending money for entertainment, travel, etc.

The key is finding quick ways to make money that align with Canadian laws and regulations. By sticking to legal methods, you avoid penalties down the road.

An Overview of the Options

The top 7 ways covered in this guide for legally making quick money include:

  1. Online surveys
  2. Freelance gigs
  3. Renting out belongings
  4. Selling items
  5. Bank account bonuses
  6. Part-time jobs
  7. Mystery shopping

The money you can make ranges quite a bit with these options, some producing fast cash within days while others build up over weeks/months.

Nonetheless, they are all viable legal ways to generate real income fairly quickly if you need it.

Online Surveys

Taking online surveys in your spare time is one of the easiest and quickest legal ways to make money.

How Online Survey Income Works:

  • Companies/research firms conduct consumer research
  • They partner with survey panels to recruit online respondents
  • When you match survey criteria, you get invited to participate
  • After completing the survey, you earn cash, gift cards, sweepstake entries, etc. as thanks

It’s 100% legitimate market research that lets brands understand their customers better. By sharing your opinions and insights, you get paid.

Why Online Surveys Make Quick Money

Beyond the simplicity of sharing opinions from home for money, online surveys offer other advantages like:

Instant payout potential

  • Many survey panels process instant PayPal payments when you reach the $10 to $20 cashout minimum.
  • No delays waiting for monthly checks in the mail.
  • Transfers to your bank account are typically 1 to 3 business days once requested.

Low barriers to entry

  • Most legit survey panels don’t require academic qualifications or work experience
  • If you match basic demographic criteria for a survey, you can participate without any fancy resume
  • Just answer some profiling questions when you sign up


  • Taking online surveys requires no prior skills or training
  • The standard multiple choice, rating scale, ranking, etc. questions are intuitive
  • You give opinions on products, ads, services you likely use already

Signing Up for Online Survey Panels

Joining top survey panels boosts your income potential with plentiful paid survey invites. Recommended sites include:

Survey Junkie

  • Over 15 million members and counting
  • Quick registration with instant survey access
  • Cash out via PayPal with no minimum threshold


  • Operates largest survey network on the web
  • Also earn with web searches, games, shopping, etc.
  • Cash out gift cards or transfer to PayPal


  • Get paid for reading emails, taking surveys, playing games
  • $30 signup bonus once earning $30 paid out
  • Choose gift cards or send funds to PayPal

Making the Most from Online Surveys in Canada

Follow these tips to maximize your legal survey earnings in Canada:

  • Sign up for 5 to 10 panels using one dedicated email address
  • Accurately complete user profiles for better survey matching
  • Check account dashboards daily and pounce on any new paid invites
  • Don’t speed through surveys and give inconsistent answers
  • Meet minimum word count requirements on open-text questions
  • Use a PayPal account to transfer money instantly

Taking online surveys can legally net $100+ monthly as you get into a routine.

By joining multiple panels, more survey options ensure you always have quick paid opportunities in your inbox.

Freelance Gigs

Taking on freelance gigs provides a flexible way to legally earn money fast in Canada.

Thanks to sites like Fiverr and Upwork, you can get paid for short-term projects ranging from data entry to graphic design.

How Freelancing Generates Quick Cash

Freelancing makes fast money possible because:

  • Clients have immediate needs: Entrepreneurs, small businesses, bloggers etc. often require one-off tasks completed ASAP
  • You get paid per project: Unlike a salary job, each completed gig puts extra cash in your pocket
  • Work from home comfort: No travel time or commuting. Roll out of bed and start work.
  • Pick your own availability: Only accept projects that fit your current schedule

Lucrative Freelance Gigs

While freelancing covers limitless industries and specialties, these skills tend to pay well in Canada right now:

  • Content writing
  • Graphic design
  • Data entry
  • Virtual assistance
  • Web development
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Bookkeeping

Rates vary dramatically based on experience level and client budget. But expect to earn $15 to $50+ per hour on in-demand freelance skills.

Getting Started Freelancing Online in Canada

Signing up with leading freelance platforms makes finding paid gigs simple:


  • Built reputation for $5 basic gig services
  • Options for premium add-on services
  • Sellers keep 80% of each transaction
  • Payouts process weekly


  • World’s top freelance website by traffic
  • Search and apply for a broad range of freelance projects
  • Profile and portfolio hosts your work samples
  • Keep 90% of earnings under $500


  • 1.5+ million gigs posted over time
  • Browse catalog by skillset and compensation
  • Add portfolio items to attract clients
  • Same-day PayPal transfers available

Tips for Freelance Success

Follow these best practices to maximize your freelance income in Canada:

  • Specialize in one or two on-demand skillsets
  • Deliver outstanding work quickly to boost feedback
  • Communicate clearly and meet all project deadlines
  • Have a fair payment term and refund policy
  • Be responsive to potential new clients
  • Don’t abandon your profile after completing jobs

Jumping into Canada’s booming gig economy lets you make money fast through freelancing. By providing specialized skills clients need quickly, you ensure a steady stream of paid projects.

Rent Out Your Stuff

Apps like GetAround, RVShare and Outdoorsy make it incredibly easy to rent out items you already own but don’t use 24/7. By lending out your car, RV, bike, parking spot or other wares to strangers online, you can pocket fast cash.

Why Rent Out Your Possessions?

Renting your stuff is one of the simplest legal ways to make fast money in Canada because:

  • You earn passive income: Renters do all the work while you sit back collecting payments
  • Little effort required: Take some photos, write an ad, list availability dates
  • Unused items pay you: Get rewarded for items just gathering dust anyway
  • Apps handle screening: Background checks and verifications done on renters keep everything secure

As the peer-to-peer rental market grows more popular worldwide, it’s easier than ever to become an on-demand lender.

What Items Can You Rent Out?

While virtually anything can be rented out for pay these days, top assets for earning fast cash include:

Vehicles like cars, RVs, boats, motorcycles

  • Apps like GetAround let you rent out vehicles by the hour/day
  • Owners earn up to $1000+ per month in lucrative markets
  • Renters pay for gas + get insurance included

Parking Spots

  • Spacer connects drivers with unused driveway/lot spaces
  • Site pre-screens renters and sets hourly/daily rates
  • Extra $50 to $200+ per month per spot

Outdoor Gear

  • RVs are extremely popular on Outdoorsy
  • Travel trailers, campers, boats, bikes also rented out successfully
  • Owners make average $3600 yearly

Ensuring Rental Success

Follow these rental tips to safely make quick cash from your possessions:

  • Research peer rental rates in your local market
  • Price items competitively based on size, age, features
  • Define rental terms, min/max durations clearly
  • Describe items accurately listing all specs/details
  • Take high-quality photos showing items at their very best
  • Screen all rental applicants carefully before approving
  • Purchase extra insurance coverage as an extra safeguard
  • Develop secure hand-off/return procedures

As the sharing economy expands, more Canadians discover handy ways to generate income from underused assets. By latching onto sites specializing in renting everything from parking to RVs, you can pocket nice profits.

Sell Your Stuff

Selling off your unused possessions is easily the fastest legal way to make money in Canada. Once items find buyers, you pocket cash instantly.

Why Sell Your Items?

Beyond instant payouts, selling your stuff makes sense because:

  • Turn unwanted items into cash: Old electronics, furniture, clothes, toys etc. fill closets and collect dust
  • Sell locally for convenience: Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and Kijiji cut out shipping
  • Declutter your space: Get paid to clear out overflowing drawers, piles of stuff you’ll never touch again
  • Supplement income long-term: Sell newly unwanted items as you accumulate more belongings over time

Selling gives unused possessions renewed life with someone who needs them.

You simply trade ownership for fast financial compensation.

What Possessions Sell Fast?

Virtually anything turns into cash these days. But particularly hot sellers include:

  • Gently used clothing in good condition
  • Like-new electronics from phones to laptops
  • Furniture without rips, stains or defects
  • Books and video games with collector appeal
  • Random knick-knacks and memorabilia in style

Shoppers flock to sites like Facebook Marketplace hunting for deeply discounted items. So price accordingly for quick flips.

Best Places to Sell Stuff Fast in Canada

Top sites for legally selling your items fast in Canada include:

Facebook Marketplace

  • Leverage existing Facebook network and groups
  • Local sellers ensure quick, no-hassle exchanges
  • No fees to list stuff


  • Pioneer of local classifieds still widely popular
  • Post things for sale ads specific to your city
  • Totally free to list as many items as you want


  • Owned by eBay with massive Canadian reach
  • Browse site by region to pinpoint local buyers
  • $1 to $3 fees for auto-relisting stuff

Maximizing Sale Profits

Follow these sale price tips to legally pocket the most money:

  • Check prices for same/similar items currently listed
  • Consider an item’s condition deductions vs. mint
  • Factor in local supply/demand dynamics
  • Price high originally but allow reasonable offers
  • Bundle associated items for irresistible deals
  • Write compelling, benefit-focused sales descriptions

Turning old possessions into cash is a smart way to tidy up your living space while earning quick money at the same time.

As the old saying goes: One person’s trash is another’s treasure!

Bank Account Bonuses

Opening a new chequing or savings account at a Canadian bank, then meeting bonuses requirements, scores you fast free cash.

How Bank Account Bonuses Work

Financial institutions incentivize new clients to open accounts by dangling rewards like:

  • $100 to $500 for spending X amount monthly
  • 15,000+ rewards program points
  • Higher-than-normal savings account interest rates the first few months

You must meet the specific bonus criteria (fine print varies greatly) perfectly to legally earn each payout.

But when done right, welcome bonuses provide effortless windfalls.

Why Open New Bank Accounts?

Beyond bonuses paying you simply to move money temporarily, new bank accounts also:

  • Diversify your finances: Don’t store all your money at the same institution. Spreading funds protects savings if one bank fails.
  • Garner better rates: Competition for money forces Canada’s Big 5 banks + online banks to offer amazing intro bonuses and short-term rates surpassing regular savings.
  • Try premium features: Test out fancy new mobile apps, money transfer systems and improved banking not offered at legacy banks. If you prefer old bank in the end, collect the bonus and close new account.

Best Bank Account Bonuses in Canada

BeMyBank and GreedyRates track the latest Canadian bank deals updated monthly.

But these tend to pay very well:

Simplii Financial

  • $350 bonus – maintain $4K balance for 4 months


  • $200 bonus – open chequing + savings, deposit $250 into each


  • 15,000 Scene+ points – use debit card 5x in 3 months

National Bank

  • $300 bonus – keep $5K balance for 90 days

Strategies for Maximizing Bank Bonuses

Follow these steps to legally score multiple windfalls:

  • Only open an account if its bonus aligns with your financial habits
  • Note all fine print stipulations for receiving the payout
  • Automate transfers if necessary to meet account balance requirements
  • Set calendar alerts so no deadlines get missed
  • Close account if monthly fees outweigh benefits (or product swap)

Rolling bonus bank money into high-interest savings maximizes gains. Just don’t overextend finances chasing every possible reward. Moderation ensures bank bonuses provide legal, almost effortless cash.

Part-Time Jobs

Getting a part-time job represents the tried-and-true way to make extra legal money quickly in Canada.

Thanks to a hot economy with labor shortages across many service sectors, decent paying P/T gigs are abundantly available right now.

Why Seek Out Part-Time Work?

Beyond the obvious benefit of a steady paycheck, part-time jobs offer other advantages like:

  • Fast hiring: Many employers currently need extra help so bad that hiring happens almost instantly after applying or interviewing. No lengthy delays.
  • Flexibility: Food service and retail companies in particular appreciate having P/T workers to cover extremely busy shifts when customer demand spikes. Schedules work around your availability.
  • Disposable income: Part-time work lets you earn extra “fun money” to put towards hobbies, entertainment or vacation savings without cutting into study or family or full-time job obligations.
  • Skill development: Gain valuable abilities transferrable to future career advancement like multi-tasking, organization, self-motivation and communication under pressure during a crisis.
  • Mental stimulation: Boredom sucks! Keeping mentally active prevents disease and slows cognitive decline as the brain ages. Part-time work makes you think quickly, critically solve problems and improve emotional intelligence when dealing politely with grumpy customers.

Best Part-Time Gigs

While students traditionally take jobs in restaurants and stores, today’s hot part-time opportunities with fast hiring include:

  • Remote call center reps
  • Delivery drivers (food, groceries)
  • Warehouse associates
  • Retail store associates
  • Hotel front desk clerks
  • Golf course attendants
  • Gym/studio instructors

These roles currently start around $15 to $18 per hour — much higher than minimum wage.

Leverage sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter and local job boards to uncover such listings.

Optimizing Part-Time Job Success

Follow these tips to thrive at your part-time gig:

  • Ask clarifying questions during training so no job expectations seem unclear
  • Come willing and eager to take initiative and responsibility
  • Bond with coworkers for a friendlier work environment
  • Communicate openly with managers if unable to make certain shifts
  • Give proper notice if quitting so you remain rehirable later on

Getting a part-time job in Canada today offers an easy way to quickly boost income.

By actively applying for high-demand openings with perks like flexibility, bonuses, and wage premiums, you can earn excellent returns on your time investment.

Key Takeaways

Making money quickly through legal means in Canada requires clever thinking, wise planning, and taking deliberate action.

Some of the fastest-paying options in Canada include:

  • Online surveys: Share your opinions from anywhere for cash payouts which can transfer to your bank account in 1 to 3 business days, sometimes even instantly as PayPal credits
  • Freelance gigs: Get paid per completed project across all sorts of in-demand skills such as writing, graphic design, web development, virtual assisting etc.
  • Renting out items: Apps like GetAround and Outdoorsy provide platforms for earning passive income from underused objects like cars, RVs that just sit around otherwise
  • Selling belongings: Unwanted clothing, furniture, electronics get new life with local buyers via sites like Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji
  • Bank account bonuses: Opening eligible chequing and savings accounts can score you up to $500 Canadian for meeting fairly simple spending or minimum balance requirements
  • Part-time work: Traditionally the quickest way to generate disposable income legally as many service sector employers currently have ample flexibility yet struggle greatly to find enough staff

Some of these options like taking surveys or renting out your parked car take very little time yet bring in decent money.

Others like securing a freelance writing gig or driving for Uber Eats burn more hours for amplified earnings.

The key is stacking multiple income streams simultaneously to accumulate cash quickly in a diversified, legal manner without burning out on any single method.

Proper planning makes fast progress realistic on the road to covering unexpected expenses or saving up for your dream purchase!

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