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VPS Email Hosting in Canada: All You Need To Know

Email is the backbone of modern business communication.

As a Canadian entrepreneur, having a reliable email hosting provider is essential for your success.

However, with so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to determine what’s best for your unique needs.

VPS email hosting in Canada refers to using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) configured specifically for hosting business email accounts.

Instead of sharing server resources like with traditional shared hosting plans, your email is hosted on a VPS that you control.

This provides better customization, scalability, delivery rates and security compared to other options.

Some key advantages of VPS email hosting for businesses in Canada include:

  • Increased delivery rates. With your own dedicated resources, you bypass limitations of shared servers. This leads to better email deliverability, avoiding spam filters.
  • Enhanced security and privacy. Your email is isolated, reducing exposure compared to shared hosting plans.
  • Greater flexibility. Fully configure and customize your email server software to suit your needs.
  • Scalable resources. Scale up/down CPU cores, RAM and storage as your needs change.

As you evaluate your email hosting requirements as a Canadian small business owner or entrepreneur, VPS email hosting deserves strong consideration.

A VPS in Canada can provide the perfect balance of control, flexibility, security, and affordability to form a reliable digital communication backbone for your business.

This article will dive deeper into the specifics of VPS email hosting for Canadian businesses.

Keep reading to learn how it compares to other popular options and why it may be the ideal choice for your email infrastructure needs as you grow your venture.

Email Hosting in Canada Options Compared

There are a few popular email hosting options to choose from as a business owner:

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting

Each has its own pros, cons, and ideal use cases. Here’s a quick comparison:

FeatureShared HostingDedicated ServerVPS
CostCheapest optionVery expensiveAffordable middle-ground
ControlLittle to no controlComplete controlHigh level of control
ScalabilityLimitedMaximum ability to scaleEasy to scale as needed
SecurityMedium risk of attacks across accounts on serverMost secure, completely isolatedIsolated VM protects email data

Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, your email accounts reside on a server shared with hundreds or thousands of other accounts.

The resources are divided between everyone:


  • Extremely low cost entry point
  • Easy setup


  • Accounts slowed by other sites
  • Email deliverability issues
  • Minimal security isolation
  • Restricted configuration control

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server hosts only your email accounts and nothing else. You can fully configure it to your needs.


Maximum performance
Total configuration control
Extremely secure and private


  • Very expensive
  • Overkill for many small sites
  • Administration can require technical expertise

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Benefits of VPS Email Hosting in Canada

VPS hosting bridges the gap between shared and dedicated, offering the “best of both worlds” for email hosting.

Let’s explore why it shines for business email specifically:


Auto-scaling allows flexible sizing of CPU cores, RAM, bandwidth and storage to match immediate needs. Scale email accounts up and down on demand.

Flexibility & Customization

Install and configure software like SMTP servers for optimal email functionality. Tweak everything at the server level for your specific use case.

Enhanced Delivery Rates

With dedicated resources separate from crowded shared servers, properly configured VPS email achieves excellent deliverability and avoids spam filters.

Security & Privacy

Accounts are isolated in separate virtual containers away from sites on other accounts, reducing attack surfaces. Multi-layered security options add further protection.

Uptime & Reliability

With fewer accounts on the server, resources are readily available.

Redundant failover measures provide greater resilience if issues arise.

Stable uptime with less points of failure compared to shared hosting plans.

In summary, VPS email hosting in Canada brings higher performance, flexibility, deliverability and security – perfect for growing businesses.

Next, let’s look at some unique considerations when operating in Canada.

Key Considerations for Canada

There are a few key factors to weigh if you operate your business exclusively in Canada:

Data Sovereignty Laws

Canada has strict privacy and data protection laws regarding information of Canadian citizens/residents. Choosing a hosting provider operating wholly in Canada can simplify compliance.

Canada-Based Providers

Providers with email servers physically located in Canada often best understand regional legislation as well as ISP relationships affecting email delivery within the country.

SMTP Relay Routing

Using a local relay server to route outbound email can further maximize reliable deliverability for recipients in Canada.

Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

Unique anti-spam legislation with strict opt-in rules differ from those in other countries. Using Canadian servers and protocols simplifies remaining CASL compliant.

Next, let’s see top email VPS providers available specifically in Canada…

Top VPS Providers for Canada

When evaluating VPS email hosting solutions available in Canada, a few leading options stand out:

Choosing the best VPS provider for Canada depends on your specific needs and priorities, but here are some top contenders:


  • IONOS: They offer a great combination of high performance, competitive prices, and extensive features like SSD storage and powerful processors. They have multiple data centers in Canada, ensuring low latency and reliability.
  • CloudPap: Known for their excellent customer service and solid features, Cloudpap offers a good balance of performance and affordability. They have data centers and offer cPanel/WHM for easy website management.


  • GoDaddy: Renowned for their affordability, GoDaddy offers basic VPS plans with decent performance for simple websites or low-traffic applications. However, their customer service may not be as robust as other providers.
  • They offer a variety of VPS plans at competitive prices, with some good options for budget-conscious users. They have a Canadian data center and provide 24/7 support.


  • DreamHost: Known for their reliability and high-performance infrastructure, DreamHost can handle demanding applications and websites with ease. They offer SSD storage and a Canadian data center for fast loading times.
  • Cloudways: This managed VPS provider delivers excellent performance and scalability with a focus on cloud-based solutions. They have a global network, including Canadian data centers, and offer various cloud platforms like DigitalOcean and Linode.

Remember, the best VPS provider in Canad afor you depends on your specific needs and budget.

Do your research, compare features and prices, and read reviews before making your decision.

Making the Switch to VPS Email Hosting in Canada

Once you’ve selected a VPS provider for hosting your business email in Canada, here are some steps to ensure a smooth transition:

DNS Setup

A core aspect of switching email hosting is updating your DNS records to route mail to the new servers.

This includes MX records pointing to the VPS IP addresses as well as configuring DKIM and SPF for deliverability.

Your VPS provider can assist with proper DNS configuration.

Migrating Mailboxes

Work with your old and new provider to directly transfer email accounts without disruption.

In some cases, manually exporting and importing mailboxes works better.

Take care to maintain email history during the transition.

Security Best Practices

With your own dedicated server comes responsibility to lock it down properly. Some key security steps include:

  • Enabling firewalls
  • Establishing VPN access
  • Implementing multi-factor authentication
  • Regular patching and updates
  • Ongoing monitoring for threats

Improving Deliverability

Fine tune email server settings to maximize reliable inbox delivery:

  • Configure reverse DNS records
  • Enable SPF, DKIM signing
  • Set sending limits per account
  • Consider warming up IP address reputation

Server Monitoring

VPS gives you visibility into server performance.

Monitor disk space, CPU usage, network traffic and other metrics to optimize capacity or identify potential problems.

The payoff for moving can be substantial – with full control over superior email functionality compared to alternatives.

Reach out for help making the switch smooth and leveraging the flexibility of VPS in Canada.

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