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Does Mailchimp Offer Email Hosting in Canada?

Mailchimp is a well-known email marketing platform that allows users to create and send email campaigns to their subscribers.

However, when it comes to email hosting, Mailchimp does not offer this service.

In other words, Mailchimp does not provide users with a dedicated email address or mailbox.

So, if you’re looking for email hosting in Canada, you’ll need to consider alternative options.

Benefits of Using a Separate Email Hosting Provider

While Mailchimp doesn’t offer email hosting, there are several benefits to using a separate email hosting provider:

  1. Greater Control: With a separate email hosting provider, you’ll have more control over your email settings and security. You can customize your email configurations according to your specific needs.
  2. Custom Email Address: A separate email hosting provider allows you to use a custom email address that matches your domain name. This creates a more professional and branded image for your business.
  3. Additional Features: Unlike Mailchimp, a dedicated email hosting provider can offer features such as IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) access, which give you more flexibility in managing your emails.

Drawbacks of Using a Separate Email Hosting Provider

While there are benefits to using a separate email hosting provider, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks as well:

  1. Managing Email Accounts Separately: Using a separate provider means you’ll need to manage your email accounts separately from your Mailchimp account. This might require additional time and effort.
  2. Potential Monthly Fees: Depending on the email hosting provider you choose, you may need to pay a monthly fee for their services. It’s important to factor this cost into your budget.

If you’re seeking a straightforward solution for sending email campaigns, Mailchimp is an excellent choice. However, if you require more control over your email settings or want to use a custom email address, it’s recommended to opt for a separate email hosting provider.

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Can I Create a Business Email with Mailchimp?

No, Mailchimp does not provide the ability to create a business email address.

However, there is a way to use Mailchimp with your existing business email address.

When creating a new campaign in Mailchimp, you can enter your business email address in the “From” field.

This allows you to send emails from your business address while utilizing the email marketing features of Mailchimp.

Using your existing business email address with Mailchimp offers the following benefits:

  1. Custom Email Address: You can maintain a professional image by using your existing business email address, which aligns with your domain name.
  2. Access to Additional Features: By using your existing business email address, you can take advantage of features like IMAP and POP3 access, which may not be offered by Mailchimp.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider:

  1. Configuration Requirements: Depending on your email settings, you may need to configure your email account to allow Mailchimp to send emails on your behalf.
  2. Potential Monthly Fees: Just like with separate email hosting, you may need to pay a monthly fee for your existing business email hosting.

So, if you’re looking for a straightforward way to send email campaigns while using your existing business email address, Mailchimp can be a great option.

But if you require more control over your email settings or want a custom email address, you’ll need to consider separate email hosting.

Limitations of Mailchimp Free

Mailchimp offers a free plan that allows users to get started with email marketing at no cost.

However, it’s important to be aware of the limitations of the free plan.

Here are the key limitations to keep in mind:

  1. Contact Limit: The free plan is limited to 500 contacts. If you exceed this limit, you’ll need to upgrade your plan to continue sending email campaigns.
  2. Send Limit: With the free plan, you can send up to 1,000 emails per month. Once you reach this limit, you’ll have to wait until the next month to send more campaigns.
  3. Campaign Frequency: The free plan only allows you to send one email campaign per day. If you need to send multiple campaigns in a day, you’ll need to upgrade your plan.
  4. Automations: While the free plan offers basic automation features, more advanced automations are only available with upgraded plans.
  5. Branding: Mailchimp adds its own branding to emails sent on the free plan. To remove Mailchimp branding, you’ll need to upgrade your plan.

If you’re just starting with email marketing, Mailchimp Free is a fantastic option.

However, if you find yourself outgrowing the limitations of the free plan, you’ll need to consider upgrading to a paid plan.

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How Does Mailchimp Email Work?

Mailchimp simplifies the process of creating and sending email campaigns to your subscribers. Here’s an overview of how Mailchimp email works:

  1. Choose a Template: Mailchimp offers a library of pre-made templates or the option to create your own custom template.
  2. Add Your Content: Customize your email by adding engaging copy, images, and videos that resonate with your audience.
  3. Design Your Email: Customize the look and

feel of your email using different fonts, colors, and layouts to create a visually appealing design.

  1. Add Your Subscribers: Build your subscriber list by importing contacts or allowing users to opt-in through signup forms on your website.
  2. Schedule Your Email: Choose when you want your email campaign to be sent, whether immediately or at a later date and time.

Once you’ve created your campaign, Mailchimp employs various methods to deliver your emails effectively:

  • SMTP: Mailchimp uses the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to send your emails directly to your subscribers’ inboxes.
  • API Integration: Mailchimp provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows you to integrate your email marketing with other applications seamlessly.
  • Webmail Service: Mailchimp offers a webmail service, enabling you to send emails from your Mailchimp account.

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Other Mailchimp features

In addition to sending emails, Mailchimp offers a range of features to help you track and evaluate the performance of your email campaigns:

  • Open Rates: Measure the number of subscribers who open your emails, providing insights into engagement levels.
  • Click-Through Rates: Determine the percentage of subscribers who clicked on links within your emails, gauging the effectiveness of your call-to-actions.
  • Unsubscribe Rates: Monitor the number of subscribers who unsubscribe from your email list, helping you understand the effectiveness of your content and campaign strategies.

By employing a double opt-in process, Mailchimp ensures that subscribers confirm their subscription, reducing the risk of spam and maintaining a high-quality email list.

Additionally, Mailchimp facilitates the segmentation of your email list, allowing you to send targeted and personalized emails to different groups of subscribers based on specific criteria.

Mailchimp’s analytics tools provide valuable insights into the performance of your email campaigns, enabling you to assess their effectiveness and make data-driven decisions to optimize your email marketing efforts.


In conclusion, while Mailchimp does not offer email hosting services in Canada (or anywhere else for that matter), it is a powerful platform for creating and sending email campaigns.

Consider using a separate email hosting provider for greater control and customization options.

Whether you’re just starting or require advanced features, Mailchimp’s email marketing capabilities are an excellent choice to reach your target audience effectively.

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