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11 Top Home-Based Small Business Opportunities in Canada Right Now

Running a small business has become an increasingly attractive option in recent years, especially as the world faces challenges associated with the coronavirus pandemic. 

With home-based businesses gaining more traction, knowing what options are available for entrepreneurs in Canada is crucial. 

This article examines some of the best home-based small business opportunities in Canada. 

It looks at each opportunity’s potential profitability, start-up costs, and other factors that could make or break your venture.

What are the pros and cons of starting a business at home in Canada?

Starting a small business from home is an attractive option for many entrepreneurs in Canada today. 

It allows them to save on overhead costs and have more flexibility in their work schedule. 

However, running a business from one’s home has both advantages and disadvantages. 

On the plus side, working from home can be incredibly convenient; it eliminates the need for a commute and reduces distractions by allowing entrepreneurs to focus solely on their business. 

Additionally, working out of one’s own residence can also save money on office space rental fees or other associated expenses.

On the downside, running a business at home can present some unique challenges. 

For instance, it requires self-discipline and dedication to stay focused while working close to family members or housemates who might not understand the demands of starting a new business venture. 


  • Low start-up costs: Starting a business from home requires much less initial investment than renting or buying commercial space. 
  • Flexible work hours: A home-based business offers greater flexibility for scheduling and available working hours. 
  • Tax deductions: Home businesses may qualify for tax deductions on their expenses, including some of their utility bills and mortgage or rent payments. 
  • Reduced distractions: With fewer people and less noise, a home office can provide focus and help maintain productivity levels.
  • Convenient commute: Commuting to and from the office is not necessary when running a business at home. 


  • Limited workspace: Home offices often have limited physical space, which can be restrictive when expanding the operations of a business. 
  • Lack of networking opportunities: Working from home limits personal networking opportunities with colleagues, clients, and customers that may be more readily available in a professional setting. 
  • Isolation: Working from home can become isolating, and employees may feel disconnected from the rest of their team or organization. 
  • Distractions: While there are no major distractions, you must remain disciplined in order to stay focused on work tasks when distractions such as family members, household chores and other errands beckon for attention throughout a typical day.  
  • Security risks: Home offices are more vulnerable than commercial spaces due to being less secure with fewer security measures taken against theft or vandalism.

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15 profitable small business ideas in Canada

A. Start a Thrift Store and Garage Sale Resellers

With the popularity of online marketplaces like eBay and Etsy, reselling second-hand items has never been easier. 

The great thing about this type of business is that it requires minimal start-up capital – all you need is a computer, some basic knowledge of how to research items, and a reliable source for finding products. 

Once you’ve identified your product niche, you can then find good deals at thrift stores or garage sales, photograph them for listing purposes, and post them online. 

As long as you have an eye for spotting quality items with resale potential and have the patience to wait until they’re sold at profit margins that make sense, this could be a lucrative home-based business. 

B. Mobile Oil Changes and Car Washes

The total number of road motor vehicles registered in Canada increased to 26.2 million in 2021, up 1.9% over 2020.

Do you know what that means?

You have a chance to hit it off with this small business idea of offering oil changes and mobile car washing!

This type of business provides timely, convenient and cost-effective customer service, making it an attractive venture for entrepreneurs. 

With a mobile oil change and car wash business in Canada, you can go directly to your customers’ homes or offices, allowing them to save valuable time. 

At the same time, these types of businesses don’t require large investments in equipment or premises; instead, they require only minimal start-up costs such as transportation and supplies. 

And depending on the area, you are based in, your business could be supported by an existing clientele already looking for this type of service. 

Businesses providing mobile oil changes are also popular because they allow customers to avoid long lines at local gas stations or auto repair shops. 

C. Starting a photography business

Photography is one of the most popular small business ideas from home in canada, and for a good reason. 

The photography industry offers a wide variety of opportunities for entrepreneurs, from wedding photography to studio photography and more. 

Starting a photography business in Canada requires some research and planning, but the rewards can be great. 

The first step to starting a successful photography business is to determine what type of services you will offer. 

Popular options include portrait photography, event photography, product or commercial shoots, and aerial or nature shots. 

After deciding on your niche market, create a portfolio that reflects your style and level of experience in order to attract clients. 

And then purchase necessary equipment such as cameras, lenses, lighting kits and backdrops. 

Last but not least; advertising your services is key in growing your business.

Social media will come in handy to find and close clients. 

Create accounts on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. And then provide a way for potential clients to reach you.

D. Start a subscription-box business

A subscription-box business is an exciting way to break into the Canadian small business market. 

Subscription boxes offer customers the convenience of having goods delivered right to their doorsteps on a regular basis. 

For entrepreneurs in Canada, this type of business model allows them to build recurring revenue while offering unique and innovative products or services.

The first step in launching a successful subscription-box business in Canada is developing a product concept that will differentiate your brand from competitors. 

You can create your own original products or source items from third-party manufacturers and distributors. 

Once you have identified what goods to include in your box, it’s time to develop a pricing structure and marketing plan for promoting your subscription service. 

You also need to establish relationships with reliable shipping companies so that you can reliably deliver packages on time and within budget constraints. 

And just like the photography business, you need to market the heck out of it. 

Remember, you make money by having more people renew their service every month.

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E. Become a social media manager

If you’re a savvy online marketer or have a social media presence, becoming a social media manager could be the perfect small business idea from home in Canada. 

As more companies realize the value of having an active presence on social media platforms, there has been an increase in demand for skilled professionals to manage their accounts. 

Now, as a social media manager, you would help build these businesses’ brand recognition and engagement with their customers through various digital channels.

One of the primary duties of a social media manager is creating content to be shared on different platforms such as blogs, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

You might also need to monitor comments and other user interactions on the company’s page in order to ensure customer satisfaction. 

In addition, you may need to run campaigns across multiple channels and analyze performance metrics in order to evaluate strategies and adjust approaches as necessary. 

And guess what?

The average social media manager’s salary in Canada is $50,000 per year or $25.64 per hour.

F. Offer virtual tutoring services

Virtual tutoring services are an excellent home-based small business opportunity in Canada right now. 

As remote learning is becoming increasingly popular, online tutoring services in Canada are a great way for entrepreneurs to make money. 

Tutors can use online video platforms to connect with students and provide instruction in almost any subject area. 

With this type of service, the tutor can set their own hours and rates and determine how many clients they take on at once. 

In addition to providing educational assistance, online tutors can also offer additional support services like writing help, study skills training, or exam preparation coaching. 

Having these extra services available provides potential customers with multiple options and ensures that they get comprehensive support from their tutor. 

And having a variety of payment plans available can make it easier for customers to access your service if they have budgetary constraints. 

With an average pay of $30.89 per hour, you have a perfect online side hustle to make money from home in Canada!

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G. Become a freelance writer

Freelance writing is an ideal work-from-home job for those with a knack for writing and researching. 

Freelancers have the freedom to choose their own projects, set their own hours, and work from anywhere in Canada. 

AND With the current shift towards remote work, freelance writers can easily connect with potential clients online.

To get started as a freelance writer, developing a portfolio of writing samples showcasing your skillset and experience is important. 

Potential employers will want to see examples of your past work; creating written pieces for yourself, or other publications will help demonstrate your abilities. 

Most importantly, staying up-to-date on relevant topics within the industry is essential; freelancers must be knowledgeable about developments within their field to stay competitive.

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H. Start a house cleaning business

In Canada, the commercial cleaning industry generates $8 billion and has seen an annual growth of 2.8% from 2013 to 2018.

If you are looking for a home-based business opportunity in Canada, a cleaning business may be the perfect option for you. 

House cleaning can provide the flexibility of working from home and setting your own hours, which many other home-based businesses don’t offer. 

Research local licensing requirements and regulations to start a cleaning business in Canada. 

In most places, cleaners must obtain required certifications or have experience in the field before they can begin operating their own business. 

Once all legal requirements are met, it is time to create a plan for your business. 

Start by conducting market research to determine who your target customers will be and what services you will offer. 

You should also consider creating a budget for supplies such as cleaning products, equipment, insurance, and more.

Additionally, create an advertising plan so potential clients know about your services. 

And to break into the market, consider offering services targeting specific clients such as rentals or construction sites.

I. Start a landscaping business

Landscaping is another one of the best small business ideas you can do from home in Canada.

Starting a landscaping business in Canada can be a great way to bring in extra income and make a career out of something you love. 

This is an in-demand service in Canada and the market size, measured by revenue, of the Landscaping Services industry in Canada, is $18.4bn in 2023.

This means there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

To get started, you’ll need the necessary tools and equipment such as lawn mowers, rakes, shovels, edgers, trimmers, and pruners. 

You’ll also need to establish yourself as a legitimate business by getting the right permits, insurance, and licenses that may be required depending on where you live in Canada. 

And it would be beneficial to acquire some knowledge or skills training related to landscape design.

This is so you can stand out from other businesses offering similar services. 

Once your business is up and running, consider marketing it online via social media platforms or local advertising campaigns. 

J. Bookkeeping/Accounting

Bookkeeping is another one of Canada’s best small businesses you can start from home!

With this business model, you provide bookkeeping services to small businesses, such as maintaining financial records or assisting with payroll processing. 

You can also offer consultancy services involving analysis and financial data reporting to help businesses make sound decisions.

And the average pay for a bookkeeper is $24.54 per hour in Canada!

Launching your accounting business at home requires a laptop, a printer, and a scanner.

And of course, basic accounting software and secure cloud storage solutions for client data protection. 

You must also possess excellent organizational skills while having knowledge of Canadian accounting standards and laws so that you can advise clients accordingly on financial matters. 

K. Start a dropshipping store 

Dropshipping is an increasingly popular business model that allows entrepreneurs to start a store without investing in inventory upfront. 

In Canada, it’s now easier than ever to set up a dropshipping store with the help of ecommerce platforms like OLITT and Shopify. 

Through this platform, entrepreneurs can easily connect their online store with suppliers and manufacturers who will ship products directly to their customers. 

This eliminates the need for costly physical infrastructure and reduces operational costs significantly.

With dropshipping, you can profit from selling items at retail prices while only paying wholesale prices for goods from suppliers. 

It also offers greater flexibility in terms of product selection since you don’t have to commit capital to stock any items prior to making sales. 

As far as the average monthly income is concerned, the Shopify stores are making around C$6,583. 

That puts the annual income is around C$79,000.

Final Thoughts

When starting a small business from the comfort of your own home, the opportunities in Canada are endless.

There’s an opportunity for everyone, from creative ventures such as interior design and photography to digital marketing and web development. 

Whether you’re looking to start a side hustle or make a full-time career out of it, plenty of options can help you make your dream come true. 

No matter which type of business venture you decide to pursue, it’s important to research and create a realistic plan that considers all factors involved. 

From marketing strategies and budgets to tracking analytics, staying organized is key for success. 

Investing in the right tools will also help enhance efficiency and productivity. 

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