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Create the Perfect Business Name in 10 Minutes (With 105 Examples)

Summary: The easiest way to get a good business name is to use an AI business name generator tool. But to get the perfect name, you must put in the work. Our four-step business name creation process will help you find a perfect brand name, or you can choose one from our 105 free examples. Remember, a business name is the foundation of your brand and the face of your business. It should be simple, catchy, and memorable. Bonus points if you can also get one with a cheap domain name. You can search for available domains with Truehost’s domain checker.

If you’re like me, coming up with business name ideas is really hard. The names I think up are either already taken or weird. Free business name ideas can be a lifesaver if you’re just getting started.

Given how much competition there is today, especially in online business, an attention-grabbing name is paramount. Whether it sparks laughter, intrigue, or mystery, that millisecond of interest may be all you need to hook a customer.

The business name you choose also dictates your branding and marketing, including what domain name, email, and social media usernames you use. A good business name should give you an unforgettable and SEO-friendly domain name to help with website ranking and conversions.

Why Is a Good Business Name Important?

People shy off from brand names that are too unusual or strange. Even the ones you fall in love with as a founder can end up being unsuitable in some contexts. 

Editors love to say, “Kill your darlings.” It means you must eliminate any characters, words, or scenes that don’t serve the story, no matter how much you love them. The same concept applies to business names. 

Don’t use a brand name that doesn’t serve its purpose, no matter how creative and catchy it is. Its purpose is to help your business grow by attracting attention, inspiring trust, and being memorable. For example, don’t name your site “busy beaver” no matter how patriotic you’re feeling—it won’t inspire global admiration.

Just like branding, website user experience can significantly affect revenue. Website performance dictates how much time visitors spend on a page. This in turn influences how many visitors turn into customers (conversion rate).

A clean, responsive layout, fast load time, and easy navigation are crucial aspects of conversion rate optimization. That’s why reliable hosting is key to success in online business.

It’s all about creating a positive first impression. Fortunately, it’s easy to get affordable but fast hosting to suit personal and business needs.

Funniest Business Name Examples (Successes and Failures)

Some business names can become iconic despite being cheeky or unusual. Some of the most best ones have helped drive immense business growth, but they are the exception rather than the rule. Here are a few examples:

  • Back to the Fuchsia for a flower shop and a landscaping company – that’s some inspiration!
  • Vinyl Resting Place for a vintage record shop – worth a chuckle, and apparently it gets a lot of referrals
  • Juan in a Million for a Mexican restaurant – that’s actually funny!
  • Sellfridges – this play on words is genius
  • Killer for Hire (pest control services) in Louisiana, or KFH for short
  • A takeaway restaurant called Curried Away – worth a chuckle

The other examples in our list are just as creative, but not very good as brand names. Judge for yourself.

  • Jitters, a popular name for coffeeshops
  • Stubbs Prosthetics – what?
  • Thai Thanic for a Thai restaurant – cringe, but it works
  • A Salt & Battery for a UK fish and chips place – unique and interesting
  • Ash Wipe for a chimney cleaning and repair business
  • Couche-Tard, the chain of convenience stores in Quebec – hilarious for non-French speakers
  • Income Taxi – when did taxes become funny?
  • Branch Manager for a tree pruning business – no comment
  • I Feel Like Crêpe (defunct restaurant from Toronto)
  • Molex Inc., a consumer electronics company. (PS: it was founded in 1938)
  • Piping Hot Networks (several different founders thought this is a great name)
  • Huge Systems Inc. (data storage company)
  • Platypus Technologies (a science and research company)

These examples are proof that no matter how funny and creative your chosen business name sounds to you, it’s always a good idea to get a second and third opinion. The business name you choose should be something on which you can build a brand.

You should be able to tell a story about it, convey your brand’s most important values, and inspire trust and credibility.

Business Name Ideas for Canadian Businesses

It can be difficult to find a unique business name. The best and most obvious names are being used by other people, so you may have to find inspiration from unusual sources.

Remember to check the Canada Registries for possible trademark issues before settling on a brand name. 

With that in mind, here are some interesting and creative business name ideas you can use.

Names for Restaurants

Some of the most creative brand names are food business names. Here are some great ideas generated by AI tools:

  1. EatFusion
  2. GourmetGate
  3. AuroraKitchen
  4. MunchMundo
  5. Intricate Eats
  6. ItalianSpice
  7. NomNoms
  8. DiningExotica
  9. TasteLounge
  10. RestoVenue
  11. Zest Bistro
  12. ThaiMama
  13. SignoraBella
  14. MindflEats
  15. BiteGlob
  16. LivePaisano
  17. TrueGourmet
  1. Delecta
  2. Buonissimo
  3. Kingdom Diner
  4. Scotella
  5. Lavolina
  6. LA Fusion
  7. WildPalate
  8. Flavoria
  9. Odd Ball Eats
  10. Passione
  11. CafeGusto
  12. Living Table
  13. Deliziosi
  14. YumMondo
  15. LaCucina
  16. The Tasty Fork
  17. Food Street
  1. GrubLicious
  2. The Taste Boss
  3. Trader Eats
  4. Tasterama
  5. EliteMenu
  6. BestBite
  7. Golden Lantern
  8. Tastitude
  9. FoodFellah
  10. MayaEats
  11. EastMeadows
  12. FlavorBistro
  13. NomadTaste
  14. Escoffier
  15. TerraTaste
  16. Wok&Grill
Example business logo for ZestBistro

Use AI tools to generate more fun ideas. You can also check domain registries, create sample logos, and generate brand designs you can use to jumpstart your journey. Don’t get stuck with names, the important thing is to make sure people love your business.

Expert tip: Don’t tell people you used an AI business name generator. A good brand story is critical and can create powerful brand loyalty. Come up with a compelling story explaining where your brand came from and why it exists.

Names for E-Commerce Businesses

When naming your online business, it’s important to think about search engine optimization (SEO). This is where a descriptive business name proves its value. Here are some examples, also generated using AI:

  1. Casual Luxury
  2. Posh Groove
  3. Shopple
  4. Creo Shop
  5. MonoMarket
  6. Niftify
  7. AevaMall
  8. Ficha
  9. Nomu
  10. 30Biz
  11. Random Bazaar
  12. HalfWay
  13. MereMall
  14. Keynu
  15. LemonSpark
  16. ThreePennies
  17. BonanzaBay
  18. ShopCube
  19. SaleStail
  1. SupiNova
  2. SecureDeal
  3. Peak Shop
  4. JujaFresh
  5. JustScoop
  6. SoRandom
  7. Whimmy
  8. ProfitPro
  9. GetLucky
  10. Fortuity
  11. FunkyFive
  12. FreeShop
  13. Clicka
  14. NetPick
  15. SaySell
  16. DottyStore
  17. OttoMall
  18. Kommode
  1. Quirkify
  2. Unicommerce
  3. Thrivion
  4. Forward Commerce
  5. Mercantur
  6. ThoughtMarket
  7. StoreMate
  8. Wooshka
  9. MisterBiz
  10. Pixaroo
  11. Varisty
  12. Pickeasy
  13. PureStore
  14. ProfitKon
  15. Derivia
  16. Topify
  17. QuidIdeas
  18. Sellomatic
Example logo for Passione

Obviously some of these won’t be as good and some may need a little tweaking to fit your business. Sometimes all you need is the right seed of inspiration to get you started.

Consider This Before Choosing a Business Name

Did you know that Google was originally called BackRub? Sony was Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, and Yahoo was Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web. We can’t imagine how different things would have been if those names had remained, but we do know a few secrets to a good business name.

For starters, a good business name should be simple, short, and easy to say. It should roll off the tongue easily and be memorable, especially if it’s a brand you expect to spread across borders and cultures. A short name is also easy to translate into a logo and other brand visuals.

It’s tempting to go for a super-creative business name, but try to strike a balance between originality, authenticity, and simplicity. Often, a descriptive business name is best. You also have to think about:

  • What will your URL look like?
  • Potential social media handles–you don’t want a name like Pen Island to embarrass you
  • Find out if the name you choose has negative connotations in other languages or cultures. An example is the Toyota Previa, which is a mistake that a simple Google search could have prevented
  • Say the name out loud. Ask friends and family to say it and give their honest feedback
  • Think about who your clients will be; some names may not be appropriate for customers of a certain age, income group, gender, race, etc.
  • Make sure the name is legal, including the abbreviations. Here’s a complete list of official business name requirements
  • What you’re trying to communicate about your business, your brand, and your values. The best names instantly conjure up a mental image of your brand, e.g., PayPal
    • However, some abstract names can also work if you work hard to shape it to your needs, e.g., Rolex, Google, Pinterest, and Pepsi

Where possible, use a brand name and image that’s symbolic and evokes some part of your brand’s messaging. Great examples include Toyota and Tesla (innovation), Shell (leadership), Lego (playfulness, energy, optimism), Airbnb (people, places), Mercedes-Benz (universality), Olympics (unity), and the World Wildlife Fund (protection, urgency).

Choosing a Business Name Idea: Expert Tips

Don’t be discouraged by all these do’s and don’ts of choosing a good business name. In our research, we’ve discovered that most brands didn’t start with a great brand name. The world’s biggest brands refined and improved their branding over years before they settled on a concrete brand identity.

Don’t let choice overload stop you from starting your business today. Your business name does not have to come to you in a eureka moment after profound introspection. The important thing is to pick a name and run with it.

If you’re still stuck and can’t make a choice, try the following:

  • Define your brand
    • Get clarity on what your business is about
    • Drill down on what your unique value proposition (UVP)
  • Settle on a naming strategy, such as:
    • Fun names, such as, Go Daddy or Coca Cola
    • Acronyms, such as FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino) or LEGO (Leg Godt, meaning Play Well in Danish)
    • Founders names such as Goodyear, HP (Hewlett Packard)
    • Descriptive names, such as Whole Foods or Duracell
    • Geographical, such as Patagonia or Komatsu, Japan
    • Marketing or SEO names, like Same Day Delivery
    • Combination names, such as Microsoft (microcomputer software) or Qualcomm (quality communications)
    • Simplifications, such as Cups & Plates or Odds & Ends
    • Misspellings, such as Flickr, Kool Aid and Dunkin’ 
  • Create a shortlist of the names that best resonate with your brand or best convey your brand personality and values
    • This is a good time to consult friends, family, and business partners for feedback and suggestions
    • Stick with the simplest, most descriptive, and most memorable names, e.g., Truehost, which conveys our commitment to trustworthiness and reliability
  • Test the brand name
    • Use A/B testing on your website to check how people respond to your new name
    • Think about future growth 
    • Add a tagline to support the brand name, e.g., Nike’s “Just Do It!” or KFC’s “Finger lickin’ good.”

Remember to check the availability of your chosen name at every point to avoid trademarked or reserved names. It’s also a wise idea to go with a name whose domain name and media handles are available to use.

Buy Your Domain ASAP

Once you have settled on a brand name, buy and register the associated domain name(s) as soon as possible. Domain names are highly competitive and someone else might snap it up while you’re waiting. This is particularly true with domains that have .com extensions.

It’s also a good idea to get your website started at this point. The earlier you get your domain name and website indexed by Google, the faster you can start ranking and generating traffic. This directly translates to money once your business goes live!

If you’re worried about money, we’ve got the solution for you. Truehost offers the cheapest domains and website hosting services you will find anywhere. You can start with a cheap .ca domain and a basic hosting plan for as little as CAD11.75 per year.

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